I claim freedom. I believe in the power of Art as a motor for transformation in all aspects, from the most creative to the most practical and everyday. My artistic production reflects on the relationships between history, memory, genders and identities starting from the paradigm of intersectionality. My work relates to the value and personal growth of human beings, especially women, who are part of my work in an intrinsic way, because as a woman I am, I live, I look and I create. I think of art as a dialogue in which I interact with people either directly or through my work.

When I work on social issues and with people in situations of vulnerability, I do so thinking about their empowerment, integration and visibility.  I show pain with explicit and delicate sincerity, and invite others to look and listen, to reflect and live positive and regenerative experiences. I use gold, which I rescue from sacred art through the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi and transfer it to the contemporary, impregnating it with new meanings resulting from the milestones of my research on control, power, resilience and idiosyncrasy. I look for the connections between the intimate and public and the private and global, to transform personal histories into History through the construction of a new collective memory. To do this, I use metaphor and the symbolic nature of objects. During the creation process I give priority to the intention with which I articulate the results, over the procedures used.

I use the synergy between classical and modern arts, which merge into new combinations of traditionally independent and autonomous disciplines such as painting, photography, video, sculpture, performance, sound landscape and installation to give life to artworks that seek to break down the barriers and limits of time and space. The use of new technologies, in fact, allows me to take advantage of the strength of the hybrid nature of digital media to move in an infinite world of possibilities in which space has no limits.

Aware also that current reality is driven by the omnipresence of the Internet, I try to understand and reflect the processes of socio-cultural change in constant transformation paying particular attention to new forms of identity, real and virtual, which are influenced by digital culture and the flow of information, and the social and economic consequences resulting from the negative impact caused by technological revolution in the digital era that generates new forms of control through an invisible surveillance and censorship infrastructure. My artworks are part of broad artistic projects in a continuous process of evolution over time, changing as living organisms, have a complex personality that goes beyond my will as an author. An identity that follows the laws of free will and that is above matter itself.  A breath, a heartbeat, a soul that follows its own path and moves by its own impulse: it is born, grows, feeds, reproduces, dies and is transformed, and thus continues drawing infinite maps.

Monica Mura


El Retrato (The Portrait) – Nos + Otras en Red, 2015 – 2017

Sa Diosa (detail) – Sas Diosas. Miradas, sa arèntzia mea, 2015