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During the confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Mura reflected on the new identities resulting from the continuous and massive use of masks. These devices are designed to protect the wearer from dangerous atmospheric inhalation, as well as to protect others in case individuals might be spreading a disease; they literally plug the mouth and cover the lower half of a person’s face. They change people’s appearance, significantly hindering facial recognition, breathing and verbal and non-verbal communication. By creating and wearing a mask with her own red lips printed on it, this action is a declaration of the artist’s intent and a small act of feminist resistance in tribute to the women in history who made red lipstick a symbol of independence, thus evoking “The Lipstick Effect”, the phenomenon for which, during recessions, lipstick sales increase dramatically.

Year: 2020
Mixed media
(photography on 100% polyester sanitary cloth. 124 g/m2.
Water repellent fabric.
Approved by OEKO-TEX and UNE- 0065 certification.
FFTP-2 equivalence.
With water-repellent, antibacterial and reusable finish.
It can be washed at 80o C. 140 x 100 cm).