2 Julio > 4 Septiembre 2016: Museu José Malhoa, Caldas da Raiña, Portugal

Curator: Genoveva Oliveira

From the José Malhoa Museum’s collection, artists were challenged to think of body language as a social and political construction. We have been inspired by the work of Malhoa, the 19th century, an important collection of the museum, but we oppose the challenges of contemporary society. What challenges are now posed to women and men? Each society has “its” body. As a language, this body undergoes a registered route. Follow the rules, interaction rituals, daily theatricalizations. The contemporary body, the imaginary in relation to the contemporary body, differs from any other historical period. We never had a concern as big as today with beauty, youth and pleasure. The eternal search for hedonism is also presented as a decisive factor in this process. This exhibition is part of the Ella Project (developed since 2014).

Artists from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Canada participate:
Luis Lobo Henriques – Photography
Susana Paiva – Photography
Maria Kowalski – Photography
Miguel Bonneville – Video
Olga Noronha – Fashion / Installation
Kristine Kosta – Fashion / Installation
Elsa Rebelo – Ceramics
Liliana Alves – Jewelry
Axel Sutinen – Painting
Petri Salo – Painting
Carl-Peter Buschkuhle – Painting
Laura Fantini – Painting
Eva Viera – Video
Monica Mura – Photography / Video / Performance
Lena Onnesjo – Tapestry


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