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About This Project

ELLAS CUENTAN is an artistic project that aims to generate a dialogue with citizens. It wants to reach all audiences to focus attention on gender issues and promote equality. As a creative strategy, a participatory urban experience is proposed, which serves as a tool for social change. He wants to break gender control, removing women from the anonymity of interior and private spaces, recovering the history of the city through their eyes.

Year: 2016 – in process
Mixed media: (HD VIDEO: dimensions: 1920 x 1080, duration: 34 minutes, 25 fps, audio channels 2. Photograph printed on 100 x 150 cm flag cloth. Photograph printed on voile and on paper and intervened with pigments and threads gilding, installation with intervened photographs and found objects, variable sizes. Intervention in the outdoor public space, Action and performance with questionnaire and activation of the ballot box. Traces of the emotional maps in Google My Maps, on-line action with dedicated instagram pages.)
Winning project Kaldarte, Caldas de Reis / Project in residence Museo Mac Florencio De la Fuente, Huete, Cuenca / Who(se) are you? Santiago de Compostela