(Español) Exposición-Acción “MAV: ESTAR PRESENTES,SER VISIBLES” – ARTS/artsevilla

27 > 30 Octubre 2016: ARTS/artsevilla. International Meeting of Contemporary Art. Seville, Andalusia Spain

Space MAV Mujeres en las Artes Visuales


Participation with the work “Before and After, restoring the natural order” in the Exhibition-Collective action “MAV: BE PRESENT, BE VISIBLE”, in the International Meeting of Contemporary Art ARTSevilla, which will take place in emblematic spaces of the city of Seville. The MAV SPACE wants to be a meeting and participation point for all the women who make up the Association (artists, gallery owners, teachers, managers …). With the aim of claiming a real position within the Art system, an exhibition-symbol will be held with photographic reproductions of works in which the MAV member artists interpret themselves. Self-portraits or symbolic images that speak for the artist.
Simultaneously to the Exhibition, the Action-Symbol will be carried out, in order to highlight the little value that is still given to women in the contemporary artistic field.

ARTSevilla is a project of marked cultural character at the service of the connection between art, artists and the inhabitants of the city. It brings together foundations, museums, galleries, artists, companies and universities. In accordance with its global philosophy of art and society, ARTSevilla tries to break down the barriers that have always existed between them from an interdisciplinary approach.

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