Monica Mura is an Italian artist living in Galicia. She generally uses her body as a means of performance and self-representation in photography and videos. Her exhibitions are designed as a journey through the NEW IDENTITIES that are born, grow and change in contemporary society. The compulsive selfie generation and other contemporary forms of self-representation have been, and continue to be, a source of interest and investigation for the artist, who is always very attentive to the new forms of identity resulting from the use of modern technologies. A selection of her works, where brand-new items such as Identities vs New Identities (2020) come with earlier works such as the large installations You I I You, and the polyptychs Hunt, Power to see To see Power (2018) and Before and After (2015), provides a journey through photographic self-portraits on various textile supports, such as natural silk, voile and sanitary fabric. These works represent a summary of the vast body of works produced by this interdisciplinary artist who combines classical and contemporary arts to create new combinations of traditionally independent disciplines such as painting, photography, video, sculpture, sound landscape, installations and performance. In addition, this special edition, marked by the many restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the artist will perform The New Armour (2020) to explore the difficulties of keeping a safe interpersonal distance in public spaces.