March 16> June, 2017: Regal Xunqueira-Complejo Cultural-Museos, Viveiro, Spain

Directed by: Renata Otero

From March 16, at 8:30 p.m. The collective exhibition “Mallo in March” is shown at the Complejo Regal-Xunqueira in Viveiro. A collection of works, many of them unpublished and created ex profeso for the occasion, in tribute to the painter Mariana Jalo Viveira. The exhibition is curated by Renata Otero and has the presence of 14 authors from various places, generations and disciplines. Consecrated and new artists from most of Galicia but also from Uruguay, Italy, Brussels … united by the common interest of worshiping Maruja Mallo, an internationally renowned author participate. The participants are, in alphabetical order: Alicia Muñiz (Aix), Anna Ferrer, Lara Pintos, Finca, Luz Darriba, Magot, Marta Paz, Monica Mura, Montse Llamas, Reina D ‘hoore, Renata Otero, Rosalía Pazo Maside, Sara Fonseca and Susana Pazo Maside. The works of these women will also dialogue with seven engravings by Maruja Mallo that are also part of the exhibition. The set brings together more than thirty outstanding pieces and includes, painting, installation, electronic art, sculpture, textile art, drawing, engraving and photography.


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