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Video / Photo / Performance / Sound landscape

With this performance the artist wants to remember how an INNOCENT LOVE can be transformed into a TOXIC LOVE. A woman dressed in black and with her face covered by a tulle veil walks barefoot. He sits next to a wicker basket with red chrysanthemums, and while he quietly recites “He loves me. Do not love me. … ”, the petals are torn off one by one. He gets up again and with the basket in his arm he begins to walk, throwing the flowers to the ground with faster and more nervous gestures and leaving behind him a red carpet where the lifeless stalks now rest. Successively repeat the journey throwing the black rice. Finally, he throws down the pages with the names of the victims, while he continues walking and finally lies down next to the list of women killed by gender-based violence. The action is accompanied by data related to the statistical reports of the ministry and a sound piece that has been made from the mix of news extracts from the media related to gender violence in Spain.

DRESS AND DRAP: silk dress and black tulle wedding veil, scarf, wicker basket, white porcelain plate, 2 Kg of black rice, airtight glass jar with labels, wicker basket, 100 stems of red chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemum , Golden Flower. This autumnal flower is related to the day of the dead. In the meaning of flowers it also means I LOVE YOU (Many of the women who suffer, sometimes even death, gender violence, are victims of toxic relationships). The color: The red symbol of passion and love in action takes on the meaning of spilled blood.