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“Social Distancing and Covid-19 in the world”

In response to the new needs arising from the worldwide spread of Covid-19, Mura explores the difficulties in maintaining interpersonal physical distance in public spaces. As a result, she redeems the traditional 19th century crinoline, adjusting its structure to create The New Armour, a circular artifact which has a circumference of almost 10 metres, a diameter of 3 metres and a radius of 1.5 metres. Created with 35 metres of fibreglass bars and more than 70 metres of high visibility reflective tapes, the new armour offers a greater lightweight and flexibility. The artistic action shows once more the social impact that art can have, acting as a means of information that can teach, in a graphic and universal way, the minimum safety distance that people should keep.

Installation / Performance / Video Performance
Artist: Monica Mura
Mixed technique + Performance
(5 fiberglass rods, ORALITE GP 340
(Highlight – Imagine – Shadow) fluorescent lime yellow Reflexite © Brand Conspicuity Tape (tested acc. to: EN ISO 20471: 2013+A1, ANSI / ISEA 107-2015.
300 cm diameter, 942 cm circumference).
Year 2020

Festival C, Santiago de Compostela, Culturgal 2020, Pazo da Cultura de Pontevedra